Coaching focuses on unlocking the potential each person has to progress and succeed in life whatever their background or circumstances. It gives choice and ownership and empowers the individual to take responsibility for the actions they take, results they achieve and state of mind they choose to adopt when faced with challenges and opportunites. We believe everyone has potential!

There is a host of committed and talented individuals working to ensure young people have the education, welfare, personal development and motivation to progress in life. Parents, Teachers, Education Welfare Officers, Family Liaison Officers, Teaching Assistants, Youth Workers, Social Workers, Support Workers and Career Guidance Counsellors all use their skills, energy, and passion to empower young people to create successful and meaningful lives. This work is at once exciting, exhausting, fulfilling, frustrating, humbling, stressful and necessary.

We believe that leadership and coaching skills can greatly enhance how these committed individuals help young people to learn and develop within our society and support themselves in maintaining the energy and personal resilience to do it.