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“This is Brilliant”, ‘Very Stimulating, Thank You’ – See the feedback from the Parent’s Workshop at the Burlington Hotel


‘This is Brilliant’

‘Very Stimulating, Thank You’

‘Excellent, I really enjoyed it. It surprised me!’

‘I found the course very interesting and helpful. Roger really knows his audience. It felt like it was designed specifically for the group. A great open discussion at the end.’

‘Excellent presentation, very interesting and interactive’


100% of participants achieved what they had hoped to by attending the workshop

100% of participants would recommend the workshop to others


Participants were also asked to rate (1-10) their knowledge and understanding of the following workshop outcomes

I understand how to use the listening and questioning techniques to communicate more effectively with my child     9
I understand how to set goals and create a structure around achieving them     9.3
I understand how to explore and clarify my child’s personal interests     9.3
I understand how to help my child discover their natural skills and abilities     9
I feel better able to support my child in making career decisions     9.3
I have a better knowledge of practical models and resources that can be found online to support career decisions     8.9
I understand how to develop confidence and personal resilience to help deal with obstacles and challenges (SARAH & Heroes)     9