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Course : Personal Resilience & Well Being : Duration 1 Day

Learn practical tools and techniques to deal with the challenges and obstacles in our lives and careers and experience how these work in practice during the course.

The focus of this course is  :

•       Creating strategies to think and feel differently about challenges before they get time to turn into huge and overwhelming issues

•           How to keep your energy levels up and batteries charged to ensure we can act proactively to be prepared for challenges before they even happen

•           Understanding the cycle of emotions we go through when reacting to difficult circumstances and how to best manage getting to a positive state of mind (SARAH model)

•           How to deliver difficult messages to other people professionally and with impact

•           Recognising the positive intention in our actions (even when we beat ourselves up and put ourselves down)

•           How to quiet the ‘chatterbox’ in your mind that can wind us up and create negative spirals of thinking (Disney Strategy)

•           How to control overwhelm and stress by organising our time effectively and focusing on the right things at the right time (Covey’s 4-box grid) – the object is not to avoid challenges in life but to know how to manage them!

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