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This has been the best training and best use of my time so far in my career

Thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into your training! I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable I’ve been to and find myself using your brief constantly.”

This training has given me the boost I needed with my coachees … I was thinking that I needed a change in my job but after this training I have realised that all I needed was a boost in motivation and a revitalising look at how I can continue with the work that I do”

This was such a useful course! Some really interesting tools and new ways to think about talking / working with families. Also from a personal point of view some very powerful tools for dealing with the demands on my time

Roger makes this course ‘easy learning’. Very useful for your own life aswell as helping others change theirs. I’m inspired to more in depth training

Success & Practical Uses

I use the GROW(TH) model every day with my coachees – great way to problem solve. The Chunking Down model I have also used a lot – one coachee had several phone calls he had been putting off and with this model he managed to leave with one task which involved making a phone call as the first step towards his bigger goal

Time management – the 4 box grid: I have used this in work and personal life to motivate and prioritise as well as ‘parking’ tasks without the risk of losing or forgetting them. Also using the GROW(TH) model (to support someone) where conversation usually forms a cycle of inactivity

When we started discussing the tools I realised just how many I had been using – even if not in official sessions or down on paper. I have used “GROW(TH), 5 Why’s, & “Chunking Down” in a group situation during PSHE Ed lessons

I now have the ability to be more active whilst listening to others i.e. watching body language & using eye contact

I have spoken to staff and helped them see the process of behaviour in others. Worked with children on buddy training using coaching as a medium to deliver the training. This has changed how I listen to others and be more detached about others issues

Example Case Study

CHUNKING DOWN’ turns a seemingly impossible task into an attainable goal with a clear action plan that is created by the person being coached.

First – turn the challenge into a goal
‘I don’t have control over my son’s behaviour’ becomes ‘I will have control over my son’s behaviour’.

Second – On a piece of A3 paper write this goal at the far right hand side. Then simply ask two questions over and over again.

1. Can this happen today? 2. What needs to happen first?

When they tell you what needs to happen first you write it in a circle next to the left of the goal and repeat the questions until they agree to something that can happen today. The result is a large piece of paper with a clearly laid out action plan created by the individual themselves.

This worked very well for a parent of a child with behavioural difficulties where the need for more positive regular interactions between mother and son was a key issue. The result was ideas and actions that made this happen e.g. working together where they both posted flyers for her door-to-door make-up service. It was at those times that they laughed together, he respected her for what she was doing and he was using up energy/getting fresh air and exercise.