Coaching Potential - Leadership and Coaching Skills for Parents, Education and Youth Work

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Coaching Skills (FETAC Level 6 Accredited)

This course covers all of the most effective and practical elements of life coaching, career coaching & executive coaching. It offers a highly engaging and interactive experience – the results of which will be invaluable in your personal and professional life.

This course will focus upon:

  • What is coaching and how does it differ to other forms of support?
  • Using the GROW(TH) coaching model for achieving goals and personal change
  • Understanding the qualities and characteristics of highly effective coaches (and how to develop these skills yourself)
  • Using the ‘Life Balance Wheel’ to gain an overall understanding of the different areas of life that are important and do a personal ‘audit’ to identify the areas which need most attention and focus
  • Strategies to address the above areas of focus and development
  • Enhance communication and coaching through the two ‘pillars’ of coaching : Effective Questioning and Active Listening (learn techniques to enhance these skills)
  • Understanding when to be a coach versus when to be a confidante, friend, manager etc to get the best results
  •  7 ways to get the best results from any development conversation
  • Using the ‘5 Whys’ model to get to the root cause of issues quickly and effectively
  • Understand the RCA model (Reflection, Clarification, Action) of career coaching / counselling and how to apply these to supporting young people (and adults!)
  • Using the Disney Strategy to achieve any goal you want!
  • Overcome self limiting beliefs, overcome barriers, challenges and obstacles through Neuro Linguistic Programming tools and techniques
  • ‘Chunking Down’ massive challenges by creating realistic and achievable action plans starting with small manageable tasks that can be done the minute you leave the training
  • How to take care of yourself and ensure you have the energy and focus to achieve your goals

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